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Starting a paintball team is hard but you have to start somewhere. Team Gladiator is putting this wedsite up to make it easier for their fans and sponsors to keep tabs on how the team is doing.


Team Gladiator, started in August of 2001, we have always strived to be and do our best. We entered our first young guns tournament at JF Paintball and went to play with high hopes. We came away with a second place finish and felt like we could do better. We came back in october for the last round in the series and took first.

This year we have been playing in the Nor-Cal Extreme series, in the begginer division with a young guns team. In february, we played in the first tournament of five and we placed third. We reffed the second round for a little breather on the pocket book. We plan on playing in the next three tournaments and placing in the top two spots for all three.

Team Gladiator Standings
NCES current standings

Practice Dates

5-4-02 - JF Paintabll

5-25-02 - JF Paintball

6-9-02- WAP

Gladiator Paintball Scene

As you can see as promised gladiator has regained control of the lead.